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Toro's line of forward plates offer easy operation, long lasting design and part quality, and great travel speed and compaction for operating on dirt, sand, gravel, and paving stones. Whatever the compaction job - foundations, sidewalks, or landscaping - Toro's forward plates offer the size, power, and features just right for the application.
Toro's exclusive line of reversible plates offers superior compaction in any direction. These hard-hitting, powerful compaction machines are designed for projects where maneuverability and high compaction is important. Our full line of reversible plates keeps you productive in confined spaces such as narrow trenches or along foundations, walls, and abutments and offers a range of models for any job size.
Toro®'s line of rammers have your compaction needs covered. The 4-cycle engines offer easy operation and high productivity. With three sizes to cover light, medium and heavy-duty applications, no matter what size job you need to tackle, there's a lightweight, smooth running and easy to operate Toro rammer to match your needs.
Toro®'s tough trench roller leads the pack in on-the-job performance. With over 15,000 lbs. of impact force, you have the power to handle jobs like compacting foundations, deep trenches, or large parking lots without sacrificing maneuverability or serviceability. Get more done in less time with compaction speeds of 68 feet per minute and cover over 10,800 square ft/ hour. The TR-34D's skid steer design means it's faster and uses less space when making tight turns around manhole covers, tight corners, and obstacles that leave other machines running in circles.

Specifications: Forward Plates

Forward Plates

Specifications: Reversible Plates

Reversible Plates

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Specifications: Trench Roller

Trench Roller