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2 Wire Paths 4 Wire Paths
Booster or Suction Lift Booster or Suction Pump Installation
COM-25-50 Connection Connecting Analog Sensor
Connecting Decoder Connecting Field Surge Protector
Electric Valve Decoder & Surge Arrestor Field Connection Box
Flow Sensor Installation Grounding Grid NetworkTWC50-100-200-500
LD-100 Decoder LD-200 Decoder
LD-400 Decoder LD-600 Decoder
Line Term Box Grounding TWC50-100-200-500 Master Valve with One Boosted Zone
Master Valve with Two Boosted Zones PDA-100 Software Specs
Pump Decoder Wiring Diagram RKD Decoder Wiring
RKD Valve Wiring Single Wire Path
System Conversion Terminal System Grounding
TUCOR Flowmaster COM-25-50 Central Control TUCOR Flowmaster TWC-50-100-200 Control System
TWC-50-100-200 Valve & Decoder Detail
Well Pump with Booster