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The Outcross 9060 is an invaluable tool in the long-standing battle Turf Managers face to “do more with less.” This machine is a time-saving, easy-to-use, multi-purpose, turf-friendly workhorse that brings year-round flexibility, consistency and productivity to turf maintenance  operations. Get ready to do more. The Outcross is the first machine of its kind to be purpose built for the management of fine turf. Its balanced design, four-wheel steer, and four-wheel drive make it extremely gentle on turf. Keep busy year-round by utilizing Outcross’s 3-point hitch, drawbar, or front loader. Mow grass, spread fertilizer, load sand, haul a pallet of sod, aerate, topdress, remove snow and ice, blow leaves, prune roots, spread seed, tow a trailer, sweep a path, chip wood, and much, much more. Intuitive automotive-style controls and one-time parameter setup keeps operations simple and efficient.

Turf-friendliness – The Outcross 9060’s unique electronically controlled four-wheel steer and four-wheel drive system provide turf friendliness and maneuverability. Each wheel turns and spins independently for gentle turning and superior traction. Outcross’s balanced design removes the need for front counterweights, making it significantly more delicate on fine turf than an agricultural tractor.

Consistency – Set-up and save the parameters for each attachment – one time, upfront – to ensure the machine performs exactly to your specifications. Store settings for up to sixteen attachments for easy use and consistent performance, no matter the skill level of the operator in the seat.

Versatility – The Outcross 9060 will always be on the move. With 3-point, drawbar, cargo bed and loader capabilities, the opportunities to maximize this investment are near endless. The Outcross 9060 does the work of multiple machines in one compact package. Put your investment to work every day and receive consistency, efficiency, and reliability in return.

Control – Operation is simple and intuitive. The Outcross 9060 has a hydrostatic drive system, eliminating the need for an operator who is proficient with the complicated controls and shifting commonly associated with an agricultural tractor. Cruise control, shuttle shifting, a passenger seat, and one-action controls add to the ease-of-use and efficiency.

We offer many quality allied products to supply your total golf needs, including: Golf supplies, reel and bedknife grinders, blowers, trimmers, edgers, power rakes, sod cutters, zero turn and walk behind mowers, residential and commercial irrigation products, lighting supplies, fertigation pumps and liquid fertilizers.

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