They fly for you! Simply unplug your drone and set it out for the day’s flight. It images the entire property daily, strategically, and automatically.


See where to maximize water usage. Our patented thermal mapping capability is combined with custom calibrated health and stress imaging, allowing you to spot daily patterns and correct or modify.


Save time and better deploy your team with better information at your fingertips. Thermal maps, summary views, and dynamic visible images are accessible on any device. Login anytime to view daily flights or historical imagery.


Our intelligent drone system can help in multiple facets: from sand dispersion and shade mapping on golf courses, specific crop threats for farms, custom metrics and camera payloads for researchers, or details on your solar farm, the sky is the limit with our flexible platform and API.

Lynx® Dash

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of Lynx Dash, the recent addition to the Lynx Central Control System. This service is available to current and expired NSN® support plan customers. In addition, any customer using Turf Guard®, may also purchase the service for mobile access to their sensor data

Lynx Dash is a comprehensive dashboard that provides enhanced information to superintendents and grounds crews in an effort to make quicker decisions regarding their irrigation practices. Lynx Dash pulls in real-time weather information from a third-party weather provider and provides enhanced diagnostic information about current site conditions.

The new Lynx Dash system can be used in conjunction with Toro’s Turf Guard sensors and irrigation pump stations to better monitor turf health and system performance before issues occur. For example, if areas become too hot or too dry, alerts on the Lynx Dash notify key golf course personnel to take action.

FieldScout TDR 350 Soil Moisture Meter

Manage water responsibly and reduce operating expenses.

Offering the proven time-domain measurement technology you have come to recognize for more than 30 years, the TDR 350 accurately measures soil moisture across the full range of soil conditions. Improved ergonomic design provides quick and easy measurements. Validate your cultural practices with hands free data collection integrated with Bluetooth and GPS.

  • Increased accuracy of soil moisture (Volumetric Water Content)
  • Measures EC (Electrical Conductivity)
  • Measures Turf Surface Temperature
  • Integrated Bluetooth and GPS
  • Data logger records approximately 50,000 measurements
  • Industry exclusive backlit display
  • Improved shaft-mounted probe with telescoping tubular frame
  • Data collected with USB flash drive
  • No PC interface needed
  • Powered by AA lithium batteries
  • Compatible with SpecConnect and FieldScout App
  • Optional IR Temp sensor to measure turf canopy

DL2000™ Series Subsurface Dripline

  • No filters to change or chemically treated disks to handle
  • Irrigation takes place at or below grade so there is minimal water loss due to mist, evaporation, run-off or wind
  • Ideal for shrub areas, median strips, public recreation areas and parking islands
  • Seven-year warranty against root intrusion


Vi-core | The NEW fertilizer program is not a fertilizer at all – it’s an ACTOMIZER®.

Here’s a list of Vi-core’s innovative products.


  • Carbon-Aid – Active Carbon with extremely low pH (balanced so it doesn’t harm equipment)
  • ThatchBack – Active Carbon with biological activity.
  • GreenTree – Active Carbon with biological activity, designed specifically for trees and diseases that invade trees.
  • Iron-Aid – Iron product that is NON-STAINING, designed by request from superintendents who were tired of staining cart path and buildings with iron.
  • Force-MAX – Highly concentrated urea based 19-0-0 actomizer with a 6.8 pH.

Recent testimonial: “Several years ago I was given 10 spruce trees from a local nursery. The trees were unsuitable for resale due to the appearance and health of the trees. Unable to pass up on free trees I reached out to Bobby Albertson from B-B inc. to start them on Vi-core program. At the time I had little hope for success and even went as far as planting them close together with expectations of cutting a few down. Now after 5 years of using Vi-core products the trees are unrecognizable from when they were planted. Tree structure and color have drastically improved, along with accelerated top growth. Now I’m faced with needing a tree spade instead of a chainsaw. Highly recommend Vi-cores array of proven products.”


– Chris Koenig


The turboTRIM™ with Pro Ratchet Series is the latest innovation from Underhill – a brand you’ve come to trust. It’s reversible ratcheting mechanism keeps you centered for a faster, more accurate cut. Made from heavy-duty steel construction and powder-coated finish for daily use in golf course applications. Selectable cutting head diameters to match most golf course sprinkler heads.


  • – Ratchet mechanism easily makes a clean, steady cut
  • – Place over sprinkler head and move handle left and right
  • – Heavy duty steel construction
  • – 7″ or 8″ cutting blade sold separately

Magnation Water Technologies

Transform your water quality with Magnation’s innovative products to a more vibrant, productive and energized state.  L.L. Johnson is pleased to be the exclusive distributor in Colorado for this innovative product.

Toro Infinity Sprinklers

Toro’s new Infinity Sprinkler helps you maintain a beautiful golf course while sticking to your budget. Toro Irrigation products are engineered to give you not only great results, but also the lowest cost of ownership over time. Learn more about how Toro’s patented SMART ACCESS™ design lets you access all critical components from the top of the sprinkler.

FLEX800™ 34/54 Series Golf Rotors

Series Overview

The New FLEX800™ 34/54 Series with dual trajectory main nozzle provides exceptional nozzle performance at the 25° standard angle position and great performance in windy applications at the 15° low angle position. And the consistency of the constant velocity full circle drive ensures even water application across the coverage area every time you water.


  • – Available in 1″ inlet (FLX34) and 1½” inlet (FLX54)
  • – Dual trajectory adjustment of the main nozzle – 25° or 15°
  • – Conversion Assemblies available to economically upgrade your existing Toro system
  • – Constant Velocity Full-circle Drive

Twilight™ Golf Lighting

Twilight™ Golf Lighting Products promote twilight putting and evening special events allowing members, guests and customers to remain longer.