Is your irrigation system functioning properly?

Every golf course experiences irrigation technical failures throughout the year. These technical failures can be very inconvenient, and time-consuming. We understand how valuable your time is and how vital your irrigation system is to the health and success of your golf course. If your irrigation system is experiencing any glitches, contact the Irrigation Golf Service team, to help you locate and resolve these hard-to-identify issues.



  • Central Computer
  • Satellites
  • 2-wire
  • Field Wires/Wire and valve locating


  • Satellite and 2-wire operation
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Central software

We offer individual training sessions at your facility or we can organize with neighboring courses for larger group training.

Field Testing

  • Grounding tests
  • Radio output and signal strength
  • Weather Station Maintenance, calibration, repair and installation
  • Toro Lynx and Satellite or 2-wire Demonstrations
  • Radio site surveys

Board Exchange Program

Refurbished Toro Golf Irrigation Controller Circuit Boards

  • Lower cost and faster replacement
  • 2 year warranty from date of installation
  • Return non-operating boards within 30 days, Return labels can be sent with your order upon request
  • Core charges will not apply ONLY if the board is clean and repairable
  • Core charges will be applied to orders with outstanding core returns

Contact Us

Contact Brian Murtaugh or Tim Bone for all your BEP orders and Irrigation Service needs.
Tim Bone – Irrigation Service Technician

 Cell: 720-641-3870

Brian Murtaugh – Irrigation Service Technician

Cell: 720-641-3882

For golf service literature on controllers, sprinklers and valves, Click here.

Do you have irrigation service questions?

Do you have any questions?  E-mail our irrigation service team at L.L. Johnson today.