NEW! Vista Series

Made to Move.

Toro Vista is the solution for moving people quickly and conveniently in a variety of settings.

Built for work and designed for comfort, Toro Vista provides transportation across any property with ease. Vista is available in 4-, 6-, and 8-passenger models. The polar white body and assortment of accessories allow for easy customization no matter the venue.
Gas Configuration Options:

  • Vista EFI Gas-Powered 4-passenger
  • Vista EFI Gas-Powered 6-passenger
  • Vista EFI Gas-Powered 8-passenger
Battery Configuration Options:

  • Vista Lithium-Ion Battery-Powered 4-passenger
  • Vista Lithium-Ion Battery-Powered 6-passenger
  • Vista Lithium-Ion Battery-Powered 8-passenger


Impress your guests with seamless transportation from the hotel—to the tee box or a spa oasis. The Toro Vista was made for smooth and comfortable transportation across your property.

Municipalities & Event Spaces

Built for work and designed for comfort, the Toro Vista can support almost any event. Whether you are moving VIPs, supplies, or just transporting refreshments, this shuttle is Made to Move.

Higher Education

From admissions to campus security, and everything in between, the Toro Vista is designed with the passenger in mind. Deliver the full campus experience with style and comfort.

The All-New Toro® Vista® Vehicle – Texas Christian University Alumni Office

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“Experience the Ultimate in Comfort and Versatility with Toro Vista!”

Whether you’re navigating a sprawling estate or a bustling event venue, Toro’s 4-, 6-, and 8-passenger models are your ticket to seamless transportation. With a sleek polar white body and a plethora of customizable accessories, Toro Vista is the perfect blend of functionality and style. Request a quote today and elevate your property experience!

The Toro Vista is the perfect choice for any campus, event space, resort, and more. Impress your guests with quick and convenient transportation in the Toro Vista.




The All-New Toro® Vista® Passenger Vehicle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway