Erskine Brushcutter

This rigid brush mower makes mowing easy with its durable, yet lightweight design. The 66″, 72″ and 78″ models are able to withstand the rigors of property maintenance with their respective 7 gauge and 1/4″ steel decks. Small trees, brush, weeds and grass are all on the menu for this hungry mower.

High Torque Auger Power Head

Allows you to dig large diameter holes from 6″ to 30″ in difficult conditions. Excellent for digging holes for trees, footings, or irrigation valve boxes.

Universal Swivel Auger Power Head

This high speed auger drive head creates plumb holes on various slopes. (Recommended for augers up to 15″ diameter).

Auger Power Head for TX 413

Creates holes up to 24″ diameter. This auger powerhead is great for fence posts, deck footings and irrigation boxes.  Universal Auger Bits: Available from 6″ all the way up to 30″ bits.

Narrow Bucket

This 34.5″ wide bucket allows you to get through narrow spaces including gates and doorways. 3.5 cu. ft., W-34.5″, L-26.7″ H-25″.

Standard Bucket

Use this standard bucket for moving rock, dirt, sand or other materials off and around the job site. 4 cu. ft., W-42″, L-24″, H-14″

Branch Manager Attachments

The branch Manager Grapple is the most efficient attachment made for professional tree workers.  Boost your dingo productivity by handling pile of brush and large logs lengthwise.

Light Materials Bucket

Designed for moving light materials; e.g. chip bark, mulch, and loam. 6.4 cu. ft., W-48″, L-26″, H-18″

Compact Bucket

At 33.7″ wide, this bucket is designed specifically for the Dingo TX 413


Rugged and versatile, used to prepare the job site by digging, loading, trenching, back filling or doing demolition. Digs up to 6′ 8″ deep. Choose between 9″, and 16″ bucket widths.

Power Box Rake

The perfect tool for seed bed and sod bed preparation. The rotary drum on the power box rake pulverizes rough soil, cuts high spots and fills low spots in one pass; while removing rocks and debris.

by Kwik-Way

  • Dirt and Snow Management – Primarily designed for dirt & heavy snow
  • Double Hydraulic Cylinders – Quick connect couplers allow for easy attaching to any skid steer or mini skid steer
  • Large Cut Angle Rotation – No more worries on which way to move earth or snow, this blade can cut up to 30° rotation to the left or to the right
  • Easy Transitions – Use this blade for dirt work or snow management with a quick change of the trip springs and lock out bolts

Easily spread and grades dirt. Eliminates hand raking. Also carries a multitude of materials around the job site.


Quickly and easily bolted on to any Toro Dingo (except TX 413), this ride-on platform helps minimize operator fatigue – especially in applications requiring a lot of hauling and covering substantial distances.

Soil Cultivator

Makes a perfect seed bed in one pass. Cultivates, grades, buries stones, dirt clods, overgrowth, grass and debris.


40″ wide and able to till over six inches deep on one pass. Reversible tine rotation allows you to free jams quickly and easily.

Multi Purpose Tool

3 Great Tools in One! Use the 3 ripper tines to brake hard ground or remove stumps, and shrubs, or attach the tow bar/ball for moving trailers, or attach the boom to haul trees. Includes (3) ripper tines, (1) tow bar, (1) boom with chain, and (3) pins.

 Adjustable Forks

Carry and maneuver posts, irrigation supplies and plant materials.

Tree Forks

Adjustable hydraulic forks open to 30″ wide to grab trees and large shrubs. Pinpoint maneuverability allows exact placement.

Hydraulic Breaker

Powerful, delivers 175 ft.-lbs. of force and 1200 blows/min. Multi-position mounting head lets you break in vertical and horizontal positions.

Cement Bowl

Lets you mix cement, haul and pour it directly where you want in one step.


So versatile, it can be used to dig a trench up to 3′ deep and 4″ to 12″ wide. Great for creating bed edges too! Various chain options available.

Pipe Puller

Elliptical vibrating motion pulls pipe through difficult soil conditions. Unique depth gauge allows you to see how deep you are at all times. Various optional bullets and pullers. Feed blade and reel also available.

Stump Grinder

The Toro Dingo Stump Grinder easily attaches to either Dingo or Dingo TX compact utility loaders. It is yet another among 35+ durable attachments to expand your job scope.

Toro Snow Thrower (22585)

This 48.5″ wide Toro snow thrower attachment has enough power for heavy-duty performance in wet snow conditions, plus a gentle touch for lighter conditions. The maximum hydraulic flow is 15-½ GPM and the chute articulation is electrical, so the operator never needs to worry about hand cranking.

Erskine Grapple Bucket

  • Heavy-duty tool moves difficult to handle material, such as scrap and waste, quickly and easily
  • Constructed of 1/2” high-strength steel and 7 gauge material
  • 2 – 3,000 lb. cylinders


Skid Steer Scraping Attachments

1. Roofing removal tool: Membrane & foam insulation
2. Parquet floor & elastomeric remover
3. Multi-ripper ceramic tile tool (use 1, 2 or all 3 teeth)

Cutter teeth can be flipped over for extra life & different angles of scraping.


– Concrete Planing
– Highway Line Removal
– Trip Hazard Remediation
– Epoxy Coating Removal
– Substrate Leveling
– Pool Deck Texturing

MP 3300 Miller 

– Epoxy mortar
– Underlayment (cement based)
– Ceramic/ Quarry tile
– Concrete

Mini-Skid Steer Chipper


Pick Hammer

This D-handle breaker is ideal for horizontal work in brick, mortar and light concrete. It is one of the most powerful pick hammers on the market, featuring an impact energy of 25 joules and impact rate of 2,400 blows/min. With its detachable front handle, the LH 11 is a popular choice for renovation, demolition and structural alteration jobs.

Hydraulic Breaker

The LH 39 breaker is among the most powerful handheld breakers in the world. it is used for the most demanding jobs in heavy asphalt, reinforced concrete and foundations.

Post Driver

Post drivers are used for driving in road barrier tubes, profiles, sign posts, fences and a wide range of anchors. The post drivers provide stable, powerful, high speed driving for a variety of post sizes. This model is operated with an optional hose-mounted remote-controlled valve, and can be run with both open- or closed-centre systems.

TAZ401 Tazmanian Slasher

The Tazmanian Cutter is the ideal attachment for clearing brush with your compact loader. This unit will provide superior cutting performance for years to come. Ideal for that overgrown area.

Sod Roller

Pick up, Transfer, and Un Roll Sod with out dismounting machine. Arms are reversible which allows the Sod Roller to handle 21″, 30″, and 42″ wide rolls easily. Apply hydraulic pressure to transport and position roll. Reduce hydraulic pressure to unroll sod. If sod tears or overlaps simply apply hydraulic pressure to arms reposition and start unrolling again.

3500 XLT Floor Scraper 

The 3500 XLT Floor Scraper skid steer floor-scraper attachment is suited for economical removal of vinyl composite tile (VCT) and floor covering. The durable carbide ceramic tile scraper tips remove even the most well-bonded quarry tile, porcelain tile and pavers and ceramic tile.