Haul up to 2,500 lbs. of rock, mulch, dirt, and MUCH MORE!

Built on the trusted tracked Ultra Buggy frame, the swivel Ultra Buggy offers the same intuitive and easy-to-use controls, superior traction and maneuverability with increased productivity and job efficiency. The swivel Ultra Buggy features a redesigned tub with added durability allowing users to dump at any point along the 180º swivel radius. The 2,500 lbs carrying capacity and 25 HP engine makes this machine perfect for any project and any material.

“A Colorado contractor recently moved 50 tons of road base in 4 1/2 hours with an Ultra Buggy, and a Toro Dingo TX 1000.”

Built on the trusted tracked Ultra Buggy frame, the swivel buggy
gives you a 180 degree dump radius, plus:

  • Dump and swivel switches mounted and linked to the traction controls give users easy access.


  • Easy-to-Use Controls – Easy to learn, effortless to operate, and the unique dump and swivel switch is linked to the right traction control


  • Auto-Return Dump – This feature ensures the tub automatically returns to the resting position so the operator can focus on retrieving the next load of concrete
  • The same 2,500 lbs. carrying capacity that customers have come to expect.


  • Durable Tracks Rugged aramid corde reinforced tracks ensure maximum strength and performance


  • High Carrying Capacity – The machine and its components have been designed and tested to achieve a 2,500 lbs carrying capacity


  • Powerful Engine – The durable and proven 25 HP Kohler Confidant engine powers the Tracked Ultra Buggy and allows speeds up to 6 mph


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Toro Dingo Product Line

Think of all the tasks you do every day. Now imagine how much faster you could do them with a Toro® Dingo®. The mini skid steer loader is an efficient alternative to hand labor — especially in tight spots other equipment can’t reach. Toro’s full lineup offers more choices than ever. Whether you need wheels or tracks, electric, gas, or diesel, radial lift or vertical lift capabilities, there’s a mini skid steer that’s right for you.

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The innovative product development team at Toro continue to make the line of Dingo compact utility loaders better, stronger and more versatile, helping you change your business for the better. The family includes both gasoline and diesel options, as well as wheeled and tracked choices in walk-behind and ride-on designs. Any model you choose offers amazing hydraulic power, all in a compact, maneuverable package.


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